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LLB (Bachelor of Laws) - Shared screen with speaker view
laura murray
If you have completed a BA in another institution with a law component, is there the option to do the 3rd year only of the LLB? I studied a 4yr BA in criminal justice & psychology at UL. I have already completed some of the modules in the 3 yr LLB outline. Or would I have to do the 2 year LLB as I am not a past NUIG BA student? Thank you!
Roisin McManus
im just wondering what is the plan for next year in terms of online learning ? are courses going to be online or will they be more so on campus should restrictions ease ? thank you !
Angela Lynch
Hi there, I am wondering if you have any information about this degree transferring over to Canada?
lisa doran
Angela Lynch
Great, thank you!
Roisin McManus
i just have another question with regard to the two / three year course - what would you recommend for someone with no background in law and isn’t sure of what career direction to take ? thank you !
Roisin McManus
perfect thank you !
Stephain Lynagh
Thank you
Joanna Duffy
Thank you !